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Ford Navistar

Navistar T444E Engines

DSG remanufactures long blocks and complete drop-in Navistar T444E diesel engines featuring new HEUI injectors.

Long block includes: block, rods, piston assemblies, timing gears, crankshaft, camshaft,head, valve train, engine oil pump rear cover & seal, glow plugs. Complete drop-in includes: all parts on the long block plus HP oil pump, HP oil lines, front cover & seal,turbocharger, new HEUI Injectors, low pressure fuel lines, intake manifold, oil filter, oil cooler, oil pickup tube, dipstick & guide, turbo pedestal, turbo exhaust plumbing, EBP valve*, steel skid,damper pulley, lift pump*, exhaust manifolds, water pump, fuel filter/heater assembly, oil pan, valve covers.* Where required

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